Nordic Days 2022

The Nordic Weird is coming! The 8th season of the multi-genre Nordic Days festival will present the art genres, such as fantasy, sci-fi, dystopia, magic realism or horror, in a typically Nordic way. In addition to Prague, a few festival events will take place in Brno.

This year’s guests feature Siri Pettersen, a Norwegian author known for her Raven Rings trilogy. Coming both to Prague and Brno, she is going to talk about the third volume, The Might, which is coming out in Czech translation at the end of October. On the stage, she will be joined by Laura Linstedt, author of the 2015 Finlandia Prize winning novel Oneiron, recently published in a Czech translation. Come and watch both authors engage in a literary discussion in the Gulliver Airship of the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art. Other highlights include a literary evening, focusing on the Nordic Weird, a Fantastic Adventure for children and four film screenings.

Various forms of the Nordic Weird will also be addressed on screen. The festival opens with Qaqqat Alanngui, a Greenlandic horror movie which sets the usual plot in an exotic environment. A Swedish parody of the sci-fi genre, called Kenny begins, and Astrópia, an Icelandic film inspired by role playing and geek culture, will also be screened. The plot of The Bothersome Man, a Kafkaesque Norwegian dystopia in which the main character is desperately trying to escape his seemingly perfect life, will make you lose your sleep easily.

Festival’s programme in Prague:

22nd Nov, 7 PM     Screening: Qaqqat Alanngui (Evald Cinema)
23rd Nov, 7 PM     Meet the authors: Siri Pettersen and Laura Lindstedt (Gulliver Airship in DOX)
24th Nov, 5 PM     Autograph session with Siri Pettersen (Luxor Bookstore at Václavské Square)
24th Nov, 7 PM     Screening: Kenny Begins (Evald Cinema)
25th Nov, 2-5 PM Fantastic Adventure for children (Municipal Library of Prague)
28th Nov, 7 PM     Literary evening with guests: Enthralled by the Nordic Weird (Studio Memory)
29th Nov, 7 PM     Screening: The Bothersome man (Evald Cinema)
30th Nov, 7 PM     Screening: Astrópia (Evald Cinema)

The King's Choice

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April 1940. Norway has been invaded by Germany and the royal family and government have fled into the interior. The German envoy to Norway tries to negotiate a peace. Ultimately, the decision on Norway's future will rest with the King. Show more

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The Last Sentence

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A story based on the life of journalist Torgny Segerstedt, who alerted the Swedish public to the threat of Fascism in the 1930s. Show more

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