Everlasting Moments

Director:Jan Troell
Cast:Maria Heiskanen, Mikael Persbrandt, Jesper Christensen, Ghita Nørby
Length:106 minutes
Genre:Drama, Biographical

Director: Jan Troell  •  Scenario: Niklas Rådström, Agneta Ulfsäter-Troell, Jan Troell  •  Camera: Jan Troell, Mischa Gavrjusjov  •  Music: Matti Bye  •  Cast: Maria Heiskanen, Mikael Persbrandt, Jesper Christensen, Ghita Nørby, Amanda Ooms, Ann Petrén, Antti Reini, Maria Lundqvist, Rune Bergman, Hans Alfredson, Julia Ragnarsson, Andreas Ahlm, Karl Linnertorp, Boel Larsson, Livia Millhagen, Maria Kulle, Sanna Persson Halapi, Michael Segerström, Richard Ulfsäter, Pierre Lindstedt, Yohanna Troell, Eddie Axberg, Christian Fex, Berto Marklund, Mikael Odhag, Hans Henrik Clemensen, Anneli Martini, Rolf Lydahl, Kenneth Milldoff

In a time of social change and unrest, war and poverty, a young working class woman, Maria, wins a camera in a lottery. The decision to keep it alters her whole life.


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