Maid in Hell

Director:Søren Klovborg
Length:59 minutes

Director: Søren Klovborg

Slavery exists even in the 21st century. This investigative film presents the stories of several servants in the Near East and the practices of employment agencies.

About 2.8 million girls and young women from Africa and Asia work in rich households in Lebanon, Jordan, and the UAE. Instead of a welcome, their passports are taken away; instead of a new home they live in almost work-camp-like conditions and receive paltry wages. Their employers abuse and sexually exploit them. Employment agencies quietly rake in commissions, completely overlooking that, on average, 2 household employees die in Lebanon each week and continue to recruit young women interested in a job. The film presents the issues from various perspectives, particularly powerful as it shows the specific faces of all parties involved – workers, job agents, employers, and activists.



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