That Life Has Meaning

Director:Grzegorz Lipiec
Cast:Grzegorz Lipiec, Krzysztof Czarkowski, Piotr Materna, Jarosław Sokołowski
Length:87 minutes


Director: Grzegorz Lipiec  •  Scenario: Grzegorz Lipiec  •  Camera: Krzysztof Gawałkiewicz, Jacek Michalewicz  •  Cast: Grzegorz Lipiec, Krzysztof Czarkowski, Piotr Materna, Jarosław Sokołowski, Jacek Hryszko, Wojciech Wołoszyn, Marcin Chamera, Tomasz Burka, Jacek Katarzyński, Marzena Dębiec, Krystyna Flugel, Andrzej Flugel

The film takes place in one of the housing estates in western Poland. A group of friends finds a way to get rid off the small-town boredom thanks to an amateur film. Their latest work stands on the threshold - almost about to cross the territory of a concrete housing estate. Unexpectedly, a boy from the neighborhood appears with new ideas .. In addition to the colorful techno party lasers, happy evenings in the local bar and fun with friends, he is offering drug experiments ... The reality ends and the drug trance begins ... "That Life Has Meaning" is a film full of innovative solutions and creative invention, bringing a shocking and provocative portrait of the degradation of humanity caused by addiction. Brilliant (almost slang) dialogues full of humor create ideal harmony with some truly shocking moments. The amateur character of the film and editing gives the viewer an even greater impression. The viewer can perceive the film almost as a true story. This is complemented with the perfect intrigue, scenario as accurate as the Swiss watches, youth music (Kaliber 44, Ventylator). "That Life Has Meaning" is a film that leaves the viewer with an impression similar to Lars von Trier's films.


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