Jiří Trnka: A Long Lost Friend

Director:Joël Farges
Cast:Reginald Huguenin, Tereza Brdečková, Edgar Dutka, Jan Trnka
Premiere:28. November 2019
Length:80 minutes

Director: Joël Farges  •  Scenario: Joël Farges, Tereza Brdečková  •  Camera: Lukáš Hyksa  •  Cast: Reginald Huguenin, Tereza Brdečková, Edgar Dutka, Jan Trnka, Helena Trnková

Joël Farges, a French filmmaker in his 60s is looking for a destiny of his favourite film from his childhood. It was a Prince Bayaya by Jiří Trnka. Trnka’s films were once known and popular in France. Trnka’s career peaked when the Cold War raged between the East and West blocks. His films were presented as an artistic counterweight to commercial production of Disney. Leftist western intellectuals were amazed; Trnka's films were narrated by Jean Cocteau and Richard Burton, winning prizes in Cannes and Venice and became a valuable export article for the totalitarian regime. Trnka found that he had become a puppet himself of a political system. His disillusion led him to revolt. He left us a body of work celebrating a unique experience, the freedom associated with eternal youth.



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