Director:Mariana Čengel Solčanská, Rudolf Biermann
Cast:Jozef Vajda, Marko Igonda, Dano Heriban, Gabriela Marcinková
Premiere:6. February 2020
Length:98 minutes

Šokující thriller inspirovaný životem. A smrtí.

Director: Mariana Čengel Solčanská, Rudolf Biermann  •  Scenario: Mariana Čengel Solčanská, Rudolf Biermann  •  Camera: Ivan Finta  •  Music: Vladimír Martinka  •  Cast: Jozef Vajda, Marko Igonda, Dano Heriban, Gabriela Marcinková, Diana Mórová, Branislav Bystriansky, Jakub Rybárik, Dana Droppová, Petra Dubayová, Tibor Vokoun, Szidi Tobias, Andrej Remeník

Somewhere under the mountains, the country is dominated by high-ranking criminals, people linked to politics, the mafia, but also to the police, the courts, and the big business. The addicted teenager disappears from the re-socialization center, but no one is missing. She wants to talk about forced sex and drugs to the police, but they send her away. He seeks a journalist who unravels the incredible squid of crime, mafia, blackmail. A hopeful politician will become chairman and rule the whole country, because whoever has power has the police and government shops under his control. Little little man becomes a big blackmailer who treats people like chess pieces. But can the truth survive among people who care about money and power? Or does the God of money not shy or murder?



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