The Secret Lives of Pigs

Director:Ola Waagen
Cast:Ola Waagen
Length:52 minutes

Director: Ola Waagen  •  Camera: Ola Waagen, Torstein Grude, Tore Vollan  •  Cast: Ola Waagen

We all know that the meat on our plate comes from a murdered animal. But the scenes Norun shot with her camera over five years reveal that death for pigs is often a long-awaited release. At first glance the guilt may seem to lie with the individual farmers, but the film convincingly shows that the problem lies in a poorly-defined system, in which meat consumption and pressure for low prices is consistently rising, so that, despite all legal declarations, animals become a mere commodity. But this system is formed by the entire consumer society – us. Is it possible to achieve true change?


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