Cook F**k Kill

Director:Mira Fornay
Cast:Jaroslav Plesl, Regina Rázlová, Petra Fornayová, Jazmína Cigáneková
Premiere:15. October 2020
Length:116 minutes

Director: Mira Fornay  •  Scenario: Mira Fornay  •  Camera: Tomáš Sysel  •  Cast: Jaroslav Plesl, Regina Rázlová, Petra Fornayová, Jazmína Cigáneková, Irena Bendová

One day in the life of hospital attendant Jaroslav K is a tough and uncompromising view of domestic violence. While handsome and a seemingly good-natured son, father and husband, Jaroslav K actually has an obsession with sex and cooking. He is also pathologically jealous of his wife Blanka, whom he terrorises in their large house in a small town. Terrified by the thought of his wife leaving him and taking their three children, he resorts to using violence, deceit and terror on others. Yet that approach backfires and ultimately leads to a family tragedy. On this metaphorical journey with a videogame’s structure, he fights his darkest traits and demons to sacrifice more than viewers.



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