The Man with Hare Ears

Director:Martin Šulík
Cast:Miroslav Krobot, Oldřich Kaiser, Táňa Pauhofová, Alexandra Borbély
Premiere:12. August 2021
Length:104 minutes

kterému uši otevřely oči...

Director: Martin Šulík  •  Scenario: Marek Leščák, Martin Šulík  •  Camera: Martin Štrba  •  Music: Ivan Parík, Miroslav Bázlik  •  Cast: Miroslav Krobot, Oldřich Kaiser, Táňa Pauhofová, Alexandra Borbély, Zuzana Mauréry, Zuzana Kronerová, Réka Derzsiová, Vladimír Obšil, Tomáš Turek

Despite the strong belief of Josef, a 60-year-old writer, that nothing can still surprise him, his life takes a sudden turn which forces him to settle scores with the past.



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