Dreams About Stray Cats

Director:David Sís
Premiere:4. November 2021
Length:96 minutes

Příběh o lásce, snech, bratrství, svobodě a toulavých kočkách

Director: David Sís  •  Scenario: David Sís  •  Camera: Vít Bělohradský, Vojtěch Vančura  •  Music: Robert Jíša, Dominik Renč

“Do you know what I’ve always wanted to find out, brother? Where do you get your ideas for your drawings?” director David Sís asks his older brother Petr at the beginning of the film. He doesn’t get an answer right away, but perhaps it can be found in this documentary that, with great care, traces the highly successful career of a talented and multifaceted artist whose work crosses generational and geographic boundaries.



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