Director:Adam Sedlák
Cast:Adam Mišík, Marsell Bendig, Anna Fialová, Sergei Barracuda
Premiere:22. September 2022
Length:105 minutes
Genre:Music, Drama

,,Tenhle shit budeme prodávat jenom zmrd*m, rozumíš?"

Director: Adam Sedlák  •  Scenario: Adam Sedlák  •  Camera: Dušan Husár  •  Music: Oliver Torr  •  Cast: Adam Mišík, Marsell Bendig, Anna Fialová, Sergei Barracuda, Jan Révai, Sára Rychlíková, David Černý, Džana Valjevac, Kamila Trnková, Vojtěch Vodochodský, Matěj Beneš, Aleš Petráš, Anna Marie Purić, Jan Černý, Stacy Cruz, Jan Slovioček

Alex has the best cocaine in Prague, but he decides to stop dealing. Although selling drugs lets him pay for luxury clothing, he yearns for fame and success as a rapper. In fact, he is given the chance to record a hit with an established rapper that might just get him among the top players. Just one small detail stands in the way: the promised collaboration is time-limited and costs a ton of money. And so Alex begins his battle against time and his fight for his life.



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