Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

Director:Anthony Fabian
Cast:Lesley Manville, Isabelle Huppert, Lambert Wilson, Alba Baptista
Premiere:6. October 2022
Length:116 minutes

Follow your dream

Director: Anthony Fabian  •  Podľa predlohy: Paul Gallico (kniha)  •  Scenario: Carroll Cartwright, Anthony Fabian, Keith Thompson, Olivia Hetreed  •  Camera: Felix Wiedemann  •  Music: Rael Jones  •  Cast: Lesley Manville, Isabelle Huppert, Lambert Wilson, Alba Baptista, Lucas Bravo, Ellen Thomas, Rose Williams, Jason Isaacs, Anna Chancellor, Christian McKay, Freddie Fox, Guilaine Londez, Harry Szovik, Philippe Bertin, Roxane Duran

A widowed cleaning lady in 1950s London falls madly in love with a couture Dior dress, and decides that she must have one of her own.



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